Friday Rewind #12

31.5.2019 - Jussi Kemppainen

There are lots of minor improvements that we’ve been working on lately, including optimizations on memory consumption, visual quality configurations and so on. In addition we are still actively working on some new features

Mini-map changes

Some more work was put into the minimap. We created out first hand drawn maps for levels and they were so clear and readable that I changed the minimap in the corner to show that map instead of the top down rendering. This also came with performance improvements.

Custom images for map in minimap (and elsewhere).

Patrol path actions

For our AI units, we added a simple tool to have them perform any action at a patrol path waypoint. This allows us to have the enemies carry out scripted sequences of actions, making them more lively. This is pretty rare in a tactical turn-based game. Characters can sit and chat, they can fix machinery, rummage trough boxes, hunt, target practice, mine for stuff and other cool things! This has pretty much no added gameplay value, but adds to the immersion of the world.

A soldier fixing a piece of machinery.

A troll waking up from it’s years long slumber.

Damage visualization

We used to have a streak that was drawn in the air by the character weapon. But it was not actually attached to any gameplay function. it was purely a visual thing. We replaced that with a more gamified visual that is timed with the actual damage event and actual damage range.  Also different characters have a different look in the damage visualizer, so it is a bit easier to tell who is inflicting the damage. We also render this element on top of everything, so it does not get lost in the clutter. This simple thing makes the game combat a lot more readable.

Dead bodies

This feature has been on the to-do list for ever! Dead bodies of fallen teammates cause alarm and concern for NPC characters. Finally we added that in. It is a pretty self explanatory feature: when an enemy sees a dead teammate, they come and investigate.



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