Friday Rewind #11: Improved ranged targeting

23.5.2019 - HP Noronen

There are lots of minor improvements that we’ve been working on lately, including optimizations on memory consumption, visual quality configurations and so on. In addition we are still actively working on some new features and improvements.. of which one is improvement of ranged attacks targeting.


Improved ranged targeting

Some time ago we improved the targeting with most of the melee attack, changing them from directional attacks to such that you directly aim for given enemy. After making the change we soon realized that we should extend it to ranged attacks as well.  Even though it is important to be able to aim your arrows freely to respond to future happenings in the game, most of the time it’d be smoother gameplay that you can just target given enemy and the game would predict their movement as part of shooting.

The new version of ranged aiming allows you to directly target characters and props. However, when not hovering on top of such target, you will be able to shoot your arrow in directional way such as before.

You can see both free and targeted shooting in the following video clip.

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