Friday Rewind#21: Back from vacation!

9.8.2019 - HP Noronen


The whole team has now returned from well earned summer vacation and all ready to rumble again!

The focus has been quite a lot in some play-through testing, to ensure that all the things are working together as we want to. So, in practice it means playing the game by ourselves (lucky us!).

However, here are some of the things that are in-progress and has happened during the vacation.


Community rewards

Our approach has always been that the road to success is built together with our community and therefore we had special reward program running at our Discord server. Some of the main rewards that we had were to get your own look-a-like NPC to the game. Even though it is very early WIP, we can now proudly show you that we have really started the work with one of our lucky community member’s reward. In future he will be able to dive into game and slay bandit boss that looks very much like him!

Here you can see sneak peek on early phase of workflow. Just looking the shapes from photo and starting to carve in the real facial features to suit the overall game visuals.

And you are more than welcome to join us at Discord if you want to. Even though we currently have no open community rewards program going on, we are really interested to have chat of all of you! And you never know if something still comes up when we get closer to release!



We are such a strange creatures that we rarely stay out of our work, even during the vacation. There were some nice events this summer, where we were invited to talk about Iron Danger… And of course we went.

First event was Illusion 2019 at Joensuu, where Sami and HP went to discuss about development experiences and learnings of developing such a unique game as Iron Danger is. It was really nice event with good atmosphere!

In the beginning of August, HP also had interview type Q&A session at Assembly 2019 ArtTech seminar. Assembly is biggest computer event in Finland, combining together gaming, eSports and demoscene presentation. That session is also available in depths of interwebs, so if you are eager to learn something more about Iron Danger and us, jump in to take a look!


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