Friday Rewind #23: Gamescom conquered, now it’s time for Pax West!

30.8.2019 – HP Noronen

Gamescom conquered

Gamescom, the biggest consumer event in gaming industry, and we survived through it!

As mentioned earlier, we had own booth at Gamescom as well as had pile of press meetings booked. During the three days of press meetings, we showed the game to over 200 journalists. In addition, our booth (4 computers) were continuously populated by gamers. So, evaluating by sheer volume, the things seemed to be success.

The reception of the game was extremely excited. We were for example happy to witness some people to play the game for over 2 hours in row, only to come back tomorrow and bring their friends with them. Also, we managed to capture magical triple-double moment when we had seven players occupying our four seats.

Press opinions have been very positive as well. Some of the highlights are the selection of 10 of the coolest things seen in Gamescom by Jeff Cork of Game Informer, as well as being selected as one of top 10 best games of Gamescom by Play Experience. We are really proud to be on those lists together with titles like Cyberpunk 2077 and Borderlands 3.

You can find the articles at:

Beware Pax West, Action Squad is coming to house!

After the highly successful Gamescom, it is time to take Iron Danger over the sea to Pax West. In Pax West we will have game playable on our booth as well as possibility to meet two members of our development team. This is a chance not to miss.

You can find us from booth 6508!

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