Friday Rewind #20: Enough of heat, here’s some ice!

26.7.2019 - HP Noronen

Time to look something more specific about the gameplay this week. During the journey, characters may learn variety of new skills. One of the things that Kipuna can learn is ice magic, and what would be more fitting for hot summer day than a look at some cold’n’cool ice!

Even though ice magic is not as powerful for direct damage as for example fire magic, it is very versatile and deadly as tactical element.


Icy ground is slippery, improving knockback and increasing chance of knockdown for people standing on it. In addition you can even cast giant blocks of ice to shield you from incoming projectiles or push enemies back. Handy, eh?


And that is not all. If some of the enemy hotheads need calming down, you can use ice magic to lower their temperature and eventually freeze them. And why not turn your companion to frost beast itself by enchanting their blade. That allows them to spread the frost around the battlefield and freeze the enemies with their swings.


So, if you are looking for versatile control over battlefield, the ice is your friend. Cool news for hot summer day!


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